Replenishing Cleanser


Pore-deep creamy cleansing milk

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Replenishing cleanser

This creamy cleansing milk with selected nurturing oils guarantees you an indescribably fresh experience and protects sensitive skin from drying out. The Cleomilk complex of active substances moisturises the skin and gently protects its natural balance. Cleomilk is an advanced development of the classic  skincare milk; made from plant-based constituents. It protects against dehydration and promotes re-lipidation. It also accelerates the regeneration of the skin barrier.

Free your skin from impurities and make-up with this pore-deep cleanser.



VETIA FLORIS luxe organic Swiss skincare has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and is suitable for all skin types. A plant-based, 100% certified organic range that blends delicate aromas and rich essential oils from alpine flowers with organic fruit water extracts to create a luxurious skincare range with the natural healing benefits of flowers and plants. Performance is not delivered at the expense of luxury. The divine purity of the creams and serums, together with a delicate, natural scent, combine for an indulgent sensation that lets you see and feel the difference immediately.


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