Rejuvenescence Activation Treatment Vetia Mare

Rejuvenescence Activation Treatment


Freshly activated top-class preparation for an intensive four-week rejuvenating cure

This four-week treatment recharges your skin. A brilliant blend of oceanic elements for ad hoc preparation and immediate use is imbedded in two separate phases – one water-based and the other oil-based. It emulsifies before your eyes to create a veritable “elixir of youth”. As they stimulate intracellular signalling and cell-to-cell communications and protect against oxidation-induced skin aging, reduction of wrinkles and restoration of the skin’s youthful tone and texture.

Application: Twice a day. Add water-phase liquid from the pump dispenser to oil-phase vial up to designated marking. Shake vigorously until they form a light, opaque emulsion. For each application, morning and evening, dribble six drops of the concentrate onto the clean palm of your hand, warm slightly, and distribute over the face, neck and décolleté.

Order: Cheeks, nose, chin, forehead and décolleté.
Massage well into your skin with circular movements from bottom to top and from the inside to the outside. Finish with gentle movements from décolleté, over neck to the chin.

Important: Shake the vial well before each application.
Use alone or followed by Age-Defying 24h Dry Skin Cream or the Age-Defying 24h Oil Balancing Cream.



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