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Pochoirs D’Artiste for Eyebrows

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Perfect eyebrow line precision

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Stencils for a perfect brow line : Once shape and size have been chosen, just makeup the eyebrow and tweeze away any fly-away hair that sticks out of the stencil. Reusable, flexible and resistant, they are also easy to clean.
Be the artist of your own beauty.

How to use it ?

Perfectly defined eyebrows will embellish your look, illuminate your face and reveal your expressions.
Once the shape of the arch chosen, maintain the stencil in place in order to apply either POUDRE VELOURS or POMMADE CREME SUPREME, pluck any fly-away hair outside the area and remove the stencil. You just have to flip over the stencil horizontally for the second eyebrow.

To clean the stencils, we recommend using a damp cloth after each use.



CHADO is an exceptional make-up range with added plant stem cells for an extraordinary anti-ageing all in one skincare and make-up. This new make-up and care brand, created in Geneva, Switzerland, specialises in eyebrow make-up and care and is focussed on enhancing natural beauty. Working with the eyebrows to give balance to the face, Chado highlights assets, perfects the complexion and reveals an elegant, self-confident inner beauty.


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