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Pinceau Precision No 3

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Eye and eyebrow liner brush

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Synthetic fiber hairs enable a delicate, homogeneous and precise application. Soft as velvet, they glide on the skin and highlight the makeup. They will meet all of your application needs and are easy to clean.

How to use it ?

This flat beveled brush makes it possible to work with precision when applying eyebrow and eye make-up. We recommend using it with the POMMADE CREME SUPREME.
Gently take some product and place it lightly on the area you want to apply make-up to.

To clean the brushes, we recommend removing, after each use, any excess make-up with a soft cloth. If the brush has an unpleasant odor or too much make-up residue, it is possible to wash it (only up to the ferrule) with lukewarm water and a gentle soap or shampoo. Rinse with clear water and dry with a soft cloth. Do not use detergents, nor dry with a hair dryer. Ambient-air drying will allow the brush to retrieve its natural shape. Regular cleaning will keep the natural suppleness and elasticity of the fiber.

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2 reviews for Pinceau Precision No 3

  1. Amelia

    This brush is perfect for my eyeliner. Not too thick and makes it so easy to apply.

  2. Julia

    I love this brush. I’ve had other brushes similar but they don’t compare to this one. If you want excellent results then these are the brushes to use

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