Nourishing Hand Cream


For incredibly soft hands

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Reward your stressed hands with this unique caring formula. The fine texture envelopes your skin like an invisible velvet glove, making your hands incomparably soft. Ronacare Tiliroside is a unique anti-ageing ingredient with skin calming features which work by reducing the risk of inflammation caused by physical or chemical irritations, by calming skin prone to allergic reaction or other skin disorders and by protecting the dermis against the degradation process. Neurolight, a highly effective ingredient visibly reduces old age marks and makes your hands look younger.



VETIA FLORIS: A plant-based, 100% certified organic, luxuriously nourishing Swiss skincare range. Vetia Floris blends delicate aromas and rich essential oils from alpine flowers with organic fruit water extracts to create a luxurious skincare range with the natural healing benefits of flowers and plants.