Lifting Eye Gel


Smooth and light eye gel for vitality and brightness

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Brighten your eyes !

This smooth and light eye gel with hyaluronic acid is immediately absorbed by the skin and provides the tired area around the eyes with new vitality and brightness.
It contains an active algae substance which minimises the rings under your eyes and makes your skin appear astonishingly smooth and fresh. Dermochlorella restores the firmness and the tonicity of the skin by improving collagen and elastin synthesis. The unique natural active, Gatuline RC Bio, found in the heart of beech tree buds, gives an effective holistic response to cutaneous ageing. It increases cellular oxygen uptake and smoothes skin giving microrelief. Exquisite nurturing oils bring an additional pleasant softness around the eyes.



VETIA FLORIS luxe organic Swiss skincare has been dermatologically tested on sensitive skin and is suitable for all skin types. A plant-based, 100% certified organic range that blends delicate aromas and rich essential oils from alpine flowers with organic fruit water extracts to create a luxurious skincare range with the natural healing benefits of flowers and plants. Performance is not delivered at the expense of luxury. The divine purity of the creams and serums, together with a delicate, natural scent, combine for an indulgent sensation that lets you see and feel the difference immediately.


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