Byonik Concur anti-pollution range

BYONIK® High Energy ProMicrobiome Cream

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Prebiotic and probiotic anti-ageing cream

The microbiome is our natural shield, it maintains the skin barrier, regulates the ph- value and protects the skin from stressors from the environment. ProMicrobiome Cream preserves the skin’s own defence mechanisms, combating skin problems caused by imbalances in the skin flora.  It promotes the formation of hyaluronic acid in the skin which hydrates and smooths the microstructure of the skin.


How to use:
Apply in morning and evening on face, neck and chest area and massage in gently.



BYONIK® Skincare

Innovative and hypoallergenic skincare products which offer specially designed and concentrated active ingredients for every specific skin rejuvenation requirement.

Byonik Concur anti-pollution range

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