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All-In-One Sonic Skin Care System

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Treat your skin to the multiple benefits of the TIA Sonic Skin Care System from BeGlow, an all-in-one beauty device that effectively cleanses, lifts and tones the appearance of skin.

What can it do for me?
The innovative device delivers 3-in-1 benefits: Cleansing, Anti-Ageing and DualPulse Contouring.

  • Cleansing – Fully waterproof, it features a replaceable silicone brush head for ultra-hygienic and unrivalled cleansing; it removes impurities more effectively than manual cleansing to leave skin feeling fresh and decongested. The silicone head can be removed for easy cleaning.
  • Anti-Ageing  The titanium applicator can be applied to wrinkle-prone areas to help improve circulation. Its unique pulsation helps to improve the appearance of skin and minimise the look of pores.
  • DualPulse Contouring – An effective ‘lifting’ mode that targets problem areas such as double chins and sagging jawlines to help stimulate, strengthen and ‘re-contour’ the look of skin.

How does it work?
The rechargeable sonic device utilises dual-pulse technology for a customised experience; it delivers low and high frequency pulsations which help to increase the strength and definition of facial muscles, including the jawline and cheekbones.

Gentle SkinSense technology allows pulsations to build on contact for a natural increase in intensity, while its anti-ageing titanium applicator encourages healthy circulation to leave skin looking radiant and energised. Simply adjust the pulsation rate to suit your needs; experience an energising morning ritual, or soothing night-time regime.


  • All-in-one sonic beauty device
  • Cleansing, lifting, toning
  • Gentle SkinSense technology
  • Anti-ageing titanium applicator
  • Dual-pulse technology
  • 100% waterproof
  • Full charge lasts up to six months
  • Replaceable silicone brush head

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Take your skincare routine to the next level with the BeGlow cleansing system. Far more than just a regular facial cleansing brush, BeGlow provides an all-in-one skincare system which cleanses, lifts and tones your skin for a healthy, radiant complexion. With optimum hygiene and skin protection at the forefront. The addition of the titanium applicator on the BeGlow TIA works to smooth the appearance of wrinkles and lift and tone the skin for a sculpted, more youthful complexion.

BeGlow Tia and Pura


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