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The PURE concept came into being from a passionate belief in a holistic approach to well-being and well-ageing linked not only to high quality skincare, but also to premium nutrition, movement and inner beauty and values. It started with the launch of Pure Hair & Spa in Basel, Switzerland – an urban retreat that connects the worlds of beauty and wellness. Pure offers personalised services and products in the areas of hair, beauty, spa/medical spa, addressing all wellness and beauty needs under one roof.

Known for precision and quality, the Swiss invest heavily in extensive research and development to produce innovative, cutting-edge skincare products. This elevates Swiss products above the competition, making them far superior to others and admired all over the world. Pure Swiss Boutique brings premium, ethical brands, backed by Swiss clinical research to the consumer market. Our collection is made up of cosmeceutical and organic ranges that use the finest ingredients to promote skin health and achieve visible, clinically-proven results.

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